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A perfume for my mood, a treatment for my body.


Natural perfumes, but also fragrances of olfaction, the Eaux de Parfum Altearah Bio can be breathed several times a day, in a ritual of well-being. The ease of movement makes it a product to be used anywhere and when you want. The ideal is to always have it with you!


These reconnecting treatments are therefore available in:

14 colors

14 emotions

14 olfactory synergies

14 keywords


How to use the care perfumes?

• Spray lightly in the hollow of the neck, to give a special color to the day. You can thus perfume yourself Organic, with an odor and a feeling of well-being according to the color you choose.

• Spray 2-3 times in the palm of your hands, rub them to evaporate the alcohol part, place them near the face and breathe deeply 3 times while closing your eyes.

• Spray widely all around you and let yourself be enveloped in the benefits of the olfaction

* Constitution: Active ingredients - Wheat alcohol (no contraindication for people intolerant to wheat gluten) - Organic essential oils

Care perfume (30ml) by Altearah

VAT Included
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