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« To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive »


Very often, the flotation centers are content to welcome you and accompany you to the flotation tank. We find that it is not enough. This is why, we tried to rethink the whole process which brings someone under stress to relax and spend not only a great time, but above all, allowing the experience of a true introspection. An individual journey of self-understanding and regeneration where flotation is combined with sensory experience.

At Sea of ​​Clouds the journey is infinitely customizable and revolves around 3 areas called Earth, Sky and Clouds respectively.


Well-being is first of all being welcomed.

The Earth is the first stop on the journey. It is a relaxation area where you can work and relax before and after a floatation session.
You can sit and read, have a coffee, take a nap, write, or just breathe. In this Chill (The Earth) area, the decoration is inspiring, energizing, modern and rejuvenating.
You will be received and briefed to fully appreciate this future trip and above all, you are at HOME!

Sometimes we invite pop-up stores, artists or simply transform it into an emotive store.


Disconnect from everyday life!

The Sky is the floatation preparation area. It is a quiet, comfortable and unique room where you can stimulate your senses and start to disconnect from your routine.

This is where we live, feel and prepare for the journey ahead. It is the sensory exploration room, infinitely customizable.

This room is used to disconnect from your daily life and gradually prepare you to embark on your cloud!

30m2 plunged in darkness in which you can change the color, the smells and the sound atmosphere.


On your little cloud alone, you rise!

The Clouds: this is the last big step of our journey which brings us into the clouds. This is where we get lighter and meditate.

Here you float, your body remains motionless and rested but your mind is just beginning its journey. You can sleep, dream or let your mind transport you to other countries.

We are constantly looking for new sources of relaxation to make this experience different each time (the shower with essential oils, the different guided meditations or music for example).

Our 3 spaces
le centre est divisé en 3 espaces: earth, sky et clouds.

Earth est la zone d'accueil avec le popup store,
Sky la partie expérience sensorielle avec la zone de projection et enfin, Clouds, sont les salles de flottaison


Choose the atmosphere that suits you!

The center has two flotation rooms, each with a specific theme.

The two pools allow you to float as a couple or alone, and you can only find it with us! Over the internet you may find other floating pods which are nicer on camera. We decided to select the most comfortable float pods ensuring even people suffering from claustrophobia could feel relaxed. In addition, they have a lateral entrance door and a nice roof window!

Image de Grant Durr


A modern and rather mineral atmosphere.

Image de Tristan McKenzie


A cabin in town, your green space for decompression!

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