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Those who share their cloud!

Combined with a personalized sensory experience, tailor-made flotation offers a unique opportunity to get back to basics and revive our possibilities.

This process thus offers a journey to the heart of your deep aspirations and makes the link, naturally, to unleash your intuition, your creativity.

An inner journey, of introspection.

We want to inspire these sensations in our cocoon in the center of Brussels
and allow you to come and relax there far from the routine,
noise and external stress.

Forget the gray clouds and explore our white cloud.

We are dream sellers ... no, you read that right!

We lived like you in an ultra-connected world ...
Emails, appointments, social networks, notifications ...

What if we were not disconnected from the essentials?

What if the real innovation was to find yourself, “in real life”, alone with yourself?

We have created, THE startup on the “Cloud”, the one that reconnects you to yourself!

Francois Denis gérant sea of clouds


co-founder and float architect

Civil engineer architect, specialized in digital tools for decision making in architecture. 5 years experience in the world of academic research in collaboration with large Belgian companies and organizations but also internationally.

In our center, he welcomes you, mainly on weekends and prepares you tea! The legend says that it also makes the technician in his spare time ...


180 rue Haute Brussels Belgium 1000


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