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Do you want to offer a unique experience to someone who matters to you?

At Sea of Clouds, we will do everything to make this moment special and personalized. We suggest that you offer a session here.

A complete session for two [couple or duo] (first space for two, floatation room each in their own pool or together in the same pool) with new options:
- You customize the Sky room and your flotation space
- You benefit from a shower with essential oils (of your choice)

As a bonus this box includes what to live a first unique experience at home:

- Himalayan bath salt flavored with essential oils (mini format 300g or 900g optional)

- Care perfume with essential oils (5ml) - choice of Turquoise (Serenity), White (Purity), Oxygen (Emerald)

Floating Cloud Pack

PriceFrom €125.00
VAT Included
  • Inside this box you will find a gift card. This contains a unique code which you will be asked for when booking. The card will be used as a means of payment on the day of the session!

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