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Do you want to offer a unique experience to someone who matters to you?

At Sea of Clouds, we will do everything to make this moment special and personalized. We suggest that you offer a session here.

A complete session alone or in pairs [couple or duo] (first space for two, floatation room each in their own pool or together in the same pool) with new options:
- You customize the Sky room and your flotation space
- You benefit from a shower with essential oils (of your choice)

As a bonus, this box is fully customizable and lets you choose its content according to your desires, your inspiration but also your budget!

1. You choose your type of session: Solo !, Couple! (two in the same pool) or Duo! (each his own basin);

2. You choose whether you want to receive epsom salt or himalayan salt in your pack!

3. You choose the word that will guide the choice of handmade soap (or none if you don't want it)
4. You choose the care fragrance that will accompany the pack on the basis of its color (or none -> black). If we run out of stock, a closest alternative will be used (we have more than 14 different kinds in store but we are voluntarily limiting to 5 in the shop)

Who knows, maybe we will add surprises, depending on the mood of the day!

If that's not personalized enough for you? Come to the store!

Do-it-Yourself Pack

PriceFrom €85.00
VAT Included
Care perfume
  • Inside this box you will find a gift card. This contains a unique code which you will be asked for when booking. The card will be used as a means of payment on the day of the session!

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