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The Happy 2022 pack is the ultimate pack to help you experience a top 2020 year!

In the program:

1 floatation session to experience per season (i.e. 4 over the year - value 320 €)
4 gifts that will accompany you during the year:

- a candle / precious stone to perfume your day but also to show that a treasure is hidden in each of us if we let our inner fire guide us (value 19 €);
- an inspiring tea / bulk box (value 13 €)

- a perfume of your choice according to your desire or intuition. Let yourself be guided by its color or its name (value 26 €)!

- 1kg of bulk epsom salt to have a little fun at home! (value 10 €)

Happy 2022 - Let it Free

€388.00 Regular Price
€350.00Sale Price
VAT Included
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